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There’s realistically no eloquent way to say it — I think I’m going nuts. Somehow, I convinced my mid-50s parents to take on the challenge of pooling our resources and buying a farm together, creating a place where I can not only bring my horse(s) home, but somewhere I can live, build, and grow. Literally.

The 50 acres we’ve purchased northeast of Belleville, Ontario (midway between Toronto and Ottawa for you non-Ontarians). The bones are good — there’s a large barn with three box stalls, a small paddock, and a larger hill pasture that I’m planning on using for summer grazing. Currently, the plan is to re-run water to the barn before the ground freezes (an old line had been out there but at this point we aren’t trusting it), and put up some cedar/t-post mixed paddocks with easier access to the barn. I’d also like to build a small area, probably 40m x 60m, for general riding + regulation dressage-ing.

In terms of the house (not that it really matters to a horse person who’s probably going to spend 90% of their time in the barn, anyway), its a well-kept and modernized pan abode that feels rustic and comfortable. My first impressions were of a Montana ranch house, complete with antlers on the wall and a beautiful dark wood interior, brightened drywalled and painted sections that really make the space pop. Eventually I’d like to add a touch of modern chic to the place, but that will come in time. A section of the house is my living, work, and play area, with the other section allotting the same sort of space for my parents. Mom likes to cook, and as someone who has really struggled with the concept of cooking for one the past two years, her occasional spreads (don’t kid yourself, I’m still going to eat Kraft Dinner or microwave soup on as many occasions as possible) will be a welcome gastronomic experience.

Just a few meters in off the trail head, and this is the sight that greets you.
Just a few meters in off the trail head, and this is the sight that greets you.

We move on October 27th, and I’ve taken a good week or so off work to try and get a bunch of things done. Stall mats need laid out, electric fence run, new post holes dug, water piping run, etc. Its a lot of work for a short period of time and I’ve budgeted myself the entirety of November to get my massive list completed in order to bring my horses home. The hope is that I’m able to do it mid-November, but we’ll have to see. Hay is purchased and ready to be delivered, so at least I know they’ll be well-fed for the winter!

Its a big, crazy adventure, and one that I didn’t think I’d be undertaking for many years. But its here, its happening, and there’s a lot to do!

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  1. Tracy - Fly On Over says: Reply

    How exciting! I can’t wait to follow along on your journey as you make this place home, for both your human and four-legged family

    1. Mallory says: Reply

      Thank you <3 I'm looking forward to finally having ponies at home and putting all these years of working in barns to practical use 😛

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