Views From The Sticks is a humour-filled look at life as a young farmer on fifty acres of pristine Canadian wilderness on Jamesview Farm. Jamesview is a family-owned-and-operated enterprise, purchased by blogger Mallory Haigh and her parents in the autumn of 2016. The blog features witty insights on building and operating a small horse, chicken, and organic produce farm, as well as life in the “sticks” of eastern Ontario. Jamesview Farm is ~50 acres of land between Toronto and Ottawa, and is named in honour of Mallory’s grandfather, who inspired her love of horses from a young age.

About the Author

Mallory is a 25-year-old tech industry management professional with a background in online marketing, ecommerce, journalism, and the physical sciences. She aspires to add freelance writing to the list of her (ever-growing) hobbies and talents, using the blogging format to publish essays on being a young farmer, an equestrian, and content producer. Her writing style focuses on a humorous and down-to-earth approach to topics like equine management, DIY projects, and day-to-day life on fifty acres.

In addition to working from home for Shopify Plus as a Merchant Success Manager, Mallory is also a Master Saddlers Association saddle fitter and Ontario representative for County Saddlery. She is an experienced equine industry professional, with a background in stable management and high-end horse care, having worked at a variety of private breeding and showing operations in addition to Woodbine Racetrack.

Mallory has absolutely zero shame in the Drake pun used for this blog’s title.